Rustic Roots to Pearl Spoons

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This osetra is the genuine article: rich, complex caviar of the Old World Russian sturgeon, Acipenser gueldenstaedti.

Our osetra hails from a sustainable farm in the misty Blue Ridge Mountains. This roe is a beautiful example of the buttery, poised depth that osetra is known for. Beads vary naturally from dark mahogany through light amber, jade, and prized smoky colors. This tender roe dances and melts on the palate, finishing with a soft note of the sea, and is sure to delight. <...

“Sturgeon run so thick on the James River, one could walk across it on their backs.” — John Smith

Rustic Roots to Pearl Spoons

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“The bread can be white or brown, but the caviar must be black.” — Caspian fishermen's saying


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