A Legacy Reborn

North America's caviar tradition has largely been forgotten. But American rivers, once teeming with fish, slaked European courts' thirst for caviar for centuries. 

American fisheries weren't satisfied to merely provide raw goods. The demands of carrying caviar across an ocean required innovations in how caviar was made. No longer could it be packed and carried in traditional wooden casks. Glass jars and lacquer-lined caviar tins were born in the American caviar trade. Unlike wood, they allow a refined cold aging process, deepening the raw roe's flavors into the richness that caviar is known for today.

Persephone is proud to carry on the American caviar tradition. Energetic and innovative, it is a legacy of building on tradition in a way that brings out its truest expressions. Just as American contributions from centuries ago enrich caviar's savor today, today our éleveurs push the boundaries of sustainable fish rearing to create a pristine product that preserves wild fish.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Learn more about sustainable élevage here, and more about Persephone's story here.