This osetra is the genuine article: rich, complex caviar of the Old World Russian sturgeon, Acipenser gueldenstaedti.

Our osetra hails from a sustainable farm in the misty Blue Ridge Mountains. This roe is a beautiful example of the buttery, poised depth that osetra is known for. Beads vary naturally from dark mahogany through light amber, jade, and prized smoky colors. This tender roe dances and melts on the palate, finishing with a soft note of the sea, and is sure to delight. 

Tasting notes: 

Aroma: Persephone caviars are clean and fresh on the nose, with a whisper of the ocean. 

Flavor: First impressions of Persephone caviar are buttery, with rich umami and gentle saltiness. As it lingers on the palate, the true osetra character shines through: autumnal and sensual, with a suggestion of dark forests and warm furs. It ends with a clean marine finish, both soft and arresting- like the first breeze that hints of a storm at sea.

Mouthfeel: Texture and size of the beads vary naturally from mother fish to mother fish, and are a natural expression of each individual. Persephone prefers to express this natural character rather than use additives or pasteurization to create an artificial "bouncy" mouthfeel. Our caviars are naturally cured, preserving their lush, tender impression on the palate.

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“This seemingly simple article of diet has taken its place in the world along with pearls, sable, old silver, and Cellini cups.” — James Beard

Serving Caviar

Serving Caviar

A guide on how to keep, present, and enjoy caviar.
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